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Funny placename paradise. Round 27.

placename fail
An unfortunate placename.

Driving around northern NSW we came across many funny town names. I thought I'd dig up a few more, the aboriginal language seems to cross a few amusing English words effortlessly but the English name ones are the worst. I'm not trying to be immature, I am immature, I'm trying to highlight the unfortunate implications the name choosers have subjected their people to.

Boyland - State: QLD - Google Map
Poor travelling paedophiles would be disappointed to find mostly just farmland and a sparse population of children protected by their gun clad farmer dads.
Chinaman's Knob - State: VIC - Google Map
Considering that Chinaman's Knob is a small hill in Victoria, the name choosers were definitely racist. 
Cock Wash - State: SA - Google Map
I get that parents (Frank Zappa) who have consumed too much fame and drugs may name their children life struggling names like Moon Unit and Dweezle. Making it through schooling life with an awkward name would be traumatic at best, but that's why we don't elect these parents to make important decisions that affect entire populations. What I don't get, is how an elected government official can morally decide to call his town Cock Wash. As a poorly educated person, the negative implications are obvious, an entire legacy of hundreds of people over a century of habitation are now marred by this oversight. Even if penal hygiene was the epitome of intelligent masculinity, why destroy the reputation of a whole town of people over it? There is the possibility that tourism was considered, I wonder how much of the town's income is derived from tourists motivated by their desire to state that they visited Cock wash. 
Cockburn - State: WA - Google Map
Just in case you were wondering, Cockburn is a city with a population of 90,00 people, one of the more prominent suburbs is called Cockburn central. I wonder how they navigated naming their medical centre without falling into the niche of STI treatment. Maybe, Cockburn medical centre - specialising in more than penal ailments. Maybe throwing "family" in their would dissolve the issue; Cockburn family medical practice - group discounts available. I don't have the solution, it's just unfortunate. 
Delicate Nobby - State: NSW - Google Map
Diapur - State: VIC - Google Map
Goonoo Goonoo - State: NSW - Google Map
Eddie Murphy would fuck this place up.
Humpybong - State: QLD - Google Map
Mount Buggery - State: VIC - Google Map
Pimpinbudgie - State: QLD - Google Map
An Aviaphile's dream. Pimpinbudgie pet shop, would offer an array of sexually misguided beastialitc fiends a refuge for their urges. 
Poowong - State: VIC - Google Map
Poowong bakery, "Chocolate croissant please."
Tittybong - State: VIC - Google Map
There was once a street called Tittybong cockum Rd, when we were young lads we travelled 10hrs from Sydney to steal it only to find it had already been stolen, Oldschool Rd was taken as a consolation prize.
A horny stoner's mecca.
Watanobbi - State: NSW - Google Map
Law firms here would always be accurately labelled. 
Wee Waa - State: NSW - Google Map
Wonglepong - State: QLD - Google Map
Woodie Woodie - State: WA - Google Map

I've just discovered that Cockburn medical centre decided to subtly address the elephant in the room with the tag line "Individual, all round care." Brilliant.

Best placename fail

Just so you don't think I'm stupid, I used placename over place name because apparently there are more people in the world that google search placename, wow.

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