Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Japanese game show gold. Round 17.

I'm going to Japan in February, to psych myself up for the wonderful culture, I've collected a few of my favourite prank and game show videos from Japan. In Japan, their laws allow them to get away with filming mean yet hilarious pranks on unsuspecting civilians. They also have game shows that involve the possibility of large amounts of pain and humiliation. America steals all it's good ideas in this area from Japan, the Japanese do it better.

1. (MXC) Most extreme elimination challenge - most painful eliminations. Best show ever made, hands down. Originally called Takeshi's castle, The Americans dubbed the voices and made MXC, they did a good job. I highly recommend watching the show.
2. Japanese prank show - massage chair. The second prank is very dangerous but amazing.
3. Japanese dodge ball. Like regular dodge ball except teams throw the ball into a goal space and then the ball is shot out at high speed at the other team. Occasionally, miscellaneous objects (like office chairs) are flung out across the floor.
4. Human tetris. So good! Just watch it.
5. Japanese prank compilation. The use of flash mobs to freak out a single individual is golden.

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