Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Funny funny photo face swap. Round 23.

I provide no substance today, purely 30 seconds of time wasted. There is a fun app on smart phones called Face Swap by Margeo. It allows you to take a photo with two people and then swap their faces, it's actually quite hilarious. Inspired by this, I found 5 funny face swap sphotos that I enjoyed.

1. Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. A funny photo face swap, it highlight's the plasticity of Megan Fox's face and the weakness inherent in LaBeouf's moustache.

2. Gary Busey and the whole family. I love Gary Busey, he had severe brain damage from a motorcycle accident yet continued to work as an actor until he died. The brain damage caused him to be quite crazy, do more drugs and it turned off his ability to hold his tongue. See here. Despite all this, I actually think he became somewhat of a genius idiot savant. Every photo of Gary Busey is funny, four of his faces swapped onto lesser people is even better.

3. Justin Bieber and Steve Buscemi's eyes. This is the only way I can stare at Justin Bieber for more than 5 seconds. Steve Buscemi has incredible eyes that have transformed many other celebrities into new sensations, see here. Face swap photo gold.

4. Man and baby. Classic face swap photo. So good. 

5. Fat Indian kid and fat Indian kid's belly. This is some innovative face swapping, turning this regular joe into some kind of mystical Jabba the hut.

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