Thursday, 20 December 2012

My favourite weird strange people. Round 24.

These characters are all real people who take their lives seriously. I find them to be weird people and strange characters, decide for yourself.

1. Sharky - interviewphoto's of SharkySharky's website.

Kings of the weird and strange

Tim Sharky was a loan shark that owned a large portion of the dodgy side of the Gold coast of Australia. He now resides in Thailand where he sleeps with a different prostitute every night and posts a photo of him with them on facebook, calling it "snatch of the day". He is 48, a body builder, heavily tattooed and recently went to Thai jail for stabbing a man, he now works with the Thai police in the child sex protection squad, he is also is a lover of stray dogs. The man is a walking anomaly. At one time, my current house mate rented one of Sharky's apartments and handed him his rent personally each month, what an honour. The most fully functioning weird strange king.

2. Zyzz - The legacy - Wiki

Chest Brah Zyzz Sharky

Zyzz is a buff, self obsessed walking Australian irony. You think it's a brilliant joke, but it's not, he's for reals. Zyzz is dead, he took too many steroids. But his brother "Chest Brah", is alive and kicking. In an unrelated collision of fate, Chest Brah threatened to stab Sharky on Facebook and now Sharky is happy to fight, so.......a 10k fight is in the works. Amazing.

3. John Mongrel - interview

John Mongrel is the boss dog of the numbers gang in South Africa. The numbers gang is the most notorious gang in south Africa and operates from the prisons. John likes to rape lot's of his fellow gang members when they don't do what he says. He has no shame, evident in the interview. This is the bottom of the weird strange people barrel.

4. Jisoe - Documentary

A little brains, a lot of heart. True Aussie battler. Jisoe is a Melbourne graffiti artist who likes to paint trains, steal what he needs to get by and speak his mind. Initially, you can't believe this isn't a constructed satire. His philosophy on life is so flawed yet brilliantly endearing and hilarious. The documentary is completely captivating, you will not turn it off.

5. G. O. A. T. and your M. U. M - His greatest hit explains it all

A brief highlight of the cream from the pudding that is deep southern Texan redneck grunge punk.


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