Thursday, 22 November 2012

Interesting blogs to read. Round 5.

Hi people of the world. I present to you 5 blogs/websites that are interesting resources for life advancement.

1.Steve Pavlina - Steve has a huge blog with many articles on interesting life experiments he has performed. My favourite articles are on passive income and articles where he reports on how he slept 20 min every 4 hours instead of regular sleep, for 6 months!!! That's 3 hours of sleep a day!
2. James Altucher - This man is a genius, I think he is the bomb, he has had so many successful companies. A great serial entrepreneur. The article I linked here is the single most helpful article on self help I have ever read. He makes everything hard in business and life seem so achievable and simple.
3. Life Hack - A great website with 50% chaff and 50% interesting shite that may be useful to you. I have linked a good article to many other resources to hack away at your life.
4. Changing minds - Very cool website with a huge database of easy to read resources on practical everyday social psychology. Check out the tabs: Techniques, principles, explanations and disciplines to see the wealth of resources on practical ways to change someone's mind about anything.
5. RooshV - A strange but unique site. Roosh is this dude that has taken it upon himself to travel around the world and learn about the women in each country, try and sleep with them and then write summaries of how good the women in that country are. He is outspoken, crude, harsh, egotistical but intelligent. Reading for the wtf factor alone is worth it.

Go learn and push forward.

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