Saturday, 24 November 2012

Amazing compilation videos. Round 7.

I have added 5 video compilations for your viewing pleasure. These all bring a smile to my face.

1. 80s dating video montage:  Pure comedy genius, these guys were all being sincere but 30 years later with a bit of good editing we have solid cheesy gold.
2. 160 of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best lines: Greatest Arnie montage ever. What a legend, he is the king of action comedy.
3. Epic Win compilation: Wins are better than fails, and this gives me hope for humanity.
4. Compilation of Anderson Silva knockouts: Anderson Silva may be the best pound for pound mma fighter of all time. That's a big statement, but after watching his speed, reflexes, accuracy and ability to read his opponent, you can hardly disagree. The guy is an expressionless killer.
5. 10 best roller coasters in the world POV cam: I have done many a extreme sports in my time and I still absolutely love how fun and accessible roller coasters are for a good rush of adrenalin. Skip the first few to about halfway.

Surf on.

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