Thursday, 29 November 2012

What is rock climbing? This is rock climbing. Round 12.

I know a fair bit about rock climbing, so my gift to you today is a 5 pack of awesome climbing videos that non climbers can enjoy. I only accept badass climbers, and they all qualify easily.

Dan Osman speed climb solo - INSANE INSANE INSANE - Dan died doing a similarly hectic stunt.
Chris Sharma - Es Pontas - Deep water solo - Chris Sharma has been on the cutting edge of amazing new climbs and this is one of his finest. An enormous overhanging arch looming over the ocean with a huge 2m dyno (all limbs free jump) right in the middle. Not only was it considered the hardest climb in the world at that time but he also climbed it without a rope. Epic stuff.
Dean Potter - Free base - Mr Dean Potter is no man, he is half wild animal and half wise sage. In this video, Dean shows us that we can climb tall cliffs without a rope, and when we fall we can turn around mid air and use the parachute strapped to our back for a safe landing. Fuck dude.
Ashima Shiraishi - Bouldering - There is a great sport called bouldering where you climb 3-6m cliffs and boulders that are technically and strenuously very difficult. Ashima is considered the best female climber of this sport and she is only 12 years old. Freak.
Alex Honold - Great interview and climbing footage of the new king of free soloers.

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