Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fun electronic world music DJs. Round 2.

Hi world, here are 5 great DJs with a lot of depth that you can listen to hassle free on Soundcloud. They are rich, use many instruments, draw from world music, dub step, glitch hop, innovative distortion and atmospheric sound.

1. Mochipet - All his stuff on Soundcloud is wicked, diverse and always fun.
2. Beats Antique - The first two songs on Soundcloud right now are amazing and fun, also check out skeleton key.
3. Kalya Scintilla - A personal favourite for a long time, rich, chilled, glitchy dubstep with a lot of eastern/arabic theft.
4. Deru - Go straight to the album Genus and listen to the whole thing once over when your working or studying. It's all dark and atmospheric but incredibly beautiful, and very rewarding.
5. Dephicit - Slug rave mix is glitchy heaven, fun background music if you've ingested large quantities of drugs.

Get digging.

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