Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top stand up comedians. Round 3.

Hi sad people, cheer up with 5 of my favourite comedians. I worked hard staying up late to find these gems, so please abuse them.

1. Jim Jefferies - Australia's funniest comedian. His genius is his ability to be so incredibly offensive but still remain so honest, charming and damn likeable. Youtube stalk the man. Full act - Alcholocaust.
2. Dylan Moran - Full act 1, full act 2, full act 3 and Black books sitcom. A disgruntled Irish comedic god. He hates the world but does it with such subtle scornful witty charm that you can't help but want him as your uncle. Black books is the best British comedy series in the last 20 years. Growing up, the show made me want to never wash my hair, buy a book store and become an alcoholic (2 out of 3, I'm a realising the dream).
3. Norm MacDonald - This guy owns any room he is in. His comedy has so many layers, he reels people in and they have no idea what the fuck is going on and then he turns around drops genius comedy bombs that mess with the very structure that he has been placed in. He always sabotages interviews or TV appearances by going off on super weird tangents or just misbehaving, he bombs on purpose and loves telling long pointless stories to waste interviewers time. He also won who wants to be a millionaire. The guy is next level.
Norm winning at an interview he isn't even part of.  Who wants to be a millionaire (watch the whole thing, it's hilarious). Another interview, he owns David Spade.
4. Mitch Hedberg - King of the one liners. Innocent and brilliant but dead. Check out his compilation.\
5. Not a comedian, but the best one liner. Make sure your volume is up and full screen that shit because what he says is quiet and his mouth movement is subtle but genius.

Hope you're happy.

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